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Pimp: Burn Notice Gift Exchange

Name: Cut-Outs and Dead Drops - Burn Notice Holiday Gift Exchange
Community or Website: winter_deaddrop
Fandom(s) Involved: Burn Notice
Specifics: Everyone who wants to participate will join and post a wish list. Be specific about what you want to receive as well as what you are able to give. Any type of fan creation is welcome: fic, graphics, layouts, icons, soundtracks, vids, etc. Also, be sure to specify pairings that you love or pairings that you are unable or unwilling to work with etc.
Minimum/Maximum Word Count: None, but the gift should be substantial (not necessarily enormous.)
Additional Notes: OPTIONAL: From the time you receive your assignment till Dec 22, you may post cut-outs (aka teaser gifts) for your recipient.
Sign-Up Period: October 25 and November 25 (2007)
Posting Due-Date: December 23 to January 4 for final gift.
Additional Sign-Up/Posting Notes: See this post for full information.

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