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Pimp post: xmas_rocks

Name: xmas_rocks
Community or Website: xmas_rocks; Website archive
Fandom(s) Involved: rock musician and band/bandom slash
Specifics: Slash fiction (m/m or f/f) only, off a list of nominated pairings
Minimum/Maximum Word Count: 1,000 word minimum, no maximum
Additional Notes: In our third year. xmas_rocks runs very similar to yuletide though limited to rock musician RPS. Those who sign up are asked to provide a recent writing sample to ensure that they are at least basically capable of completing a 1,000-word story. Everything from classic rock favorites like The Beatles to modern rock popular acts like Fall Out Boy are welcome. 6 weeks are provided for writing your assignment.
Sign-Up Period: October 6 - November 3 (after a pairing nomination period which runs September 13 - October 4)
Posting Due-Date: December 22 (with two weeks of "fudge time" for pinch-hits/etc until stories go live on January 5)
Additional Sign-Up/Posting Notes: The F.A.Q. should cover everything you need to know.
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