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Exchange Comm for "House"

Name: House Fandom Exchange
Community or Website: housegift
Fandom(s) Involved: Just House. Obviously. :)
Specifics: None, really! The only requirement is that it falls somewhere into the fandom. We're okay with any rating, pairing, genre, etc. And we love fic, graphics, vids, just anything and everything a fan could create.
Minimum/Maximum Word Count: For the smaller exchanges, there's no limit; however, one may be imposed for any big (say, Christmas) challenges.
Additional Notes: This is brand-new, so I'm still trying to get it off the ground. Anyone is welcome!
Sign-Up Period: First sign up is already in progress - it ends July 7.
Posting Due-Date: The comm will be open for posting the gifts on August 1 - the "deadline" will probably be around August 10 or so.
Additional Sign-Up/Posting Notes: We'll be having a lot of exchanges, I hope, depending on participation. This is just a first little one to get the ball rolling.
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