In here, everything is beautiful... (rise_your_dead) wrote in seasonsficcings,
In here, everything is beautiful...

winter_deaddrop's Holiday Drop-Athon

Name: Missy/rise_your_dead
Community or Website: winter_deaddrop
Fandom(s) Involved: Burn Notice
Specifics: None; all fic generes/fanart/fanmixes/icons/banners/are welcome
Minimum/Maximum Word Count: 1,000
Additional Notes: winter_deaddrop's Holiday Drop-Athon is a multi-media holiday exchange for the Burn Notice Fandom! If you love the show and love writing, drawing, fanmixing, maniping, or creating icons it, please stop by and submit your sign-up!

Sign-Up Period: November 1st-November 23rd
Posting Due-Date: December 23rd
Additional Sign-Up/Posting Notes: Prompt exchanges will occur on November 24th; posting due date coincides with the season finale for season 4 of Burn Notice!
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