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Pimpin' Post: Good Omens Holiday Exchange

Name: Good Omens Holiday Exchange
Community or Website: go_exchange
Fandom(s) Involved: Good Omens, the novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
Specifics: (If Any: Slash, Het, Gen, Character-Specific, Art Only, Etc) Open to both art and fic, and we've also had comics and even an interactive LJ design/fic in the past. Content of gifts determined by participant request. All characters and pairing types, as well as gen, are welcome. All ratings too; standard warnings for adult or disturbing content apply.
Minimum/Maximum Word Count: 1,000 words minimum. No maximum.
Additional Notes: (If Any) We like to celebrate every holiday as if the end of the world is nigh...oh, wait.

Sign-Up Period: Oct.6 - Oct. 20, 2007. Assignments will go out to participants between Oct. 20 and 25th.
Posting Due-Date: Works must be submitted to mods by December 1.
Additional Sign-Up/Posting Notes: (If Any) GOE is an anonymous exchange, with a Big Reveal of creator IDs on New Year's Day. So when works are completed, they should be submitted to the mods via email (goodomens.exchange@gmail.com), and we will post them. Signup poll is here, and general rules and guidelines are here. This will be our third year, and we also have a terrific archive of past gifts to enjoy as well.

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