Merlin Secret Santa

Name: Merlin Secret Santa
Community or Website: merlin_santa
Fandom(s) Involved: Merlin
Specifics: Offers and requests may include any type of created gift, including fanfic, art, graphics, videos, fanmixes, layouts, etc.
Minimum/Maximum Word Count: None
Additional Notes: Details and other rules can be found here.

Sign-Up Period: November 1st - November 30th
Posting Due-Date: December 24th - January 3rd
Additional Sign-Up/Posting Notes: Sign up by posting a new entry to the community. Assignments will be sent out in the first week of December.

Help for Holiday Ficathon Mods and Participants!

Everyone wants holiday ficathons to go smoothly, for everyone to get their fic done on time. But defaults happen, people run late, disappointment taints the joy of giving.

To try to help, ficfinishing - a comm devoted to helping authors finish fic - is running a special End of Year Double Round through November and December.

We have a special track called Holiday Ficathons designed specifically to help ficathon authors make their end of year deadlines.

Please help me spread the word so that authors can sign up, get help and get their fic done on time.

We only accept sign ups for a limited number of fandoms (below), however anyone who joins the comm before end of year gets access to members only content including techniques, exercises and other suggestions that can make a difference in getting stories done.

Ficathon comm mods - contact me if you'd be interested in having me post on your comm to encourage your participants to join in. I can provide a graphic to use as a link if you'd like one, especially for your profile.

Fandoms: Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, Heroes, Blood Ties, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Bones, NCIS, Supernatural, Charmed, Blake's 7, Veronica Mars, Psych, Miracles, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series, Firefly/Serenity, House, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis

Seasons ficcings everyone!
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Pimp Post: I Saw Three Ships

Name: I Saw Three Ships
Community or Website: 3_ships /
Fandom(s) Involved: Any
Specifics: Threesomes
Minimum/Maximum Word Count: 1000 words
Additional Notes: Please read the rules before signing up. There are no extensions, and incest threesomes have to be handled in a very particular fashion.
Sign-Up Period: 10/21/2008-11/15/2008
Posting Due-Date: 12/29/2008
Additional Sign-Up/Posting Notes: You must be willing to write in at least three different fandoms.
nancy drew ivory charm

Pimp Post: Nancy Drew Yuletide

Name: Nancy Drew Yuletide
Community or Website: nancydrewfic
Fandom(s) Involved: Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys
Specifics: Het, Nancy Drew specific
Minimum/Maximum Word Count: 1000 minimum*
Additional Notes: *I'm allowing comment-fic this year, for those who would rather participate that way.

Sign-Up Period: September 15-October 15 ish
Posting Due-Date: December 20-25
Additional Sign-Up/Posting Notes: Only members of the site may sign up to be writers, and must provide a link to a 1000-word Nancy Drew story they have written. Otherwise, the fest is open for comment fic.

Pimp Post: Christmas Kinkathon - Multi-Fandom

Name: Christmas Kinkathon
Community or Website: xmas_kinkathon
Fandom(s) Involved: Any and All
Specifics: Kinky is the name of the game
Minimum/Maximum Word Count: Minimum of 1000 words
Additional Notes: A Christmas fic exchange with a kinky twist. Name your fandom, name your kink. We'll do our best to match you up with a fine purveyor of kinky Christmas fic.

Sign-Up Period: September 15-October 31
Posting Due-Date: Posting opens December 22nd, deadline December 31st
Additional Sign-Up/Posting Notes: Sign up post and details available:
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Pimp post: xmas_rocks

Name: xmas_rocks
Community or Website: xmas_rocks; Website archive
Fandom(s) Involved: rock musician and band/bandom slash
Specifics: Slash fiction (m/m or f/f) only, off a list of nominated pairings
Minimum/Maximum Word Count: 1,000 word minimum, no maximum
Additional Notes: In our third year. xmas_rocks runs very similar to yuletide though limited to rock musician RPS. Those who sign up are asked to provide a recent writing sample to ensure that they are at least basically capable of completing a 1,000-word story. Everything from classic rock favorites like The Beatles to modern rock popular acts like Fall Out Boy are welcome. 6 weeks are provided for writing your assignment.
Sign-Up Period: October 6 - November 3 (after a pairing nomination period which runs September 13 - October 4)
Posting Due-Date: December 22 (with two weeks of "fudge time" for pinch-hits/etc until stories go live on January 5)
Additional Sign-Up/Posting Notes: The F.A.Q. should cover everything you need to know.
pirate ot3!, elizabeth, pirates, norrington

Merry Pirates!

Name: Merry Pirates
Community or Website: merrypirates
Fandom(s) Involved: Pirates of the Caribbean
Specifics: Fiction only, any genre or pairing
Minimum/Maximum Word Count: 1000 words minimum/no maximum
Sign-Up Period: August 24 - August 31
Posting Due-Date: Stories due November 15 and posted December 1 through December 24.
Additional Sign-Up/Posting Notes: See the sign-up post.
hermione ;; witch


Name: Potter Wishes
Community or Website: potterwishes
Fandom(s) Involved: Harry Potter
Minimum/Maximum Word Count: n/a
Additional Notes: Rather then being a typical fic exchange (which I do love!) it's a community for posting of general Potter wishes.

Sign-Up Period: 11/24 - 12/30
Posting Due-Date: 12/31
Additional Sign-Up/Posting Notes: Basically, you post what you wish for from the Potter fandom, and try to fulfill what wishes you can! Rules and additional information post for details.

Hobbity Holidays!

Name: Hobbity Holidays
Community or Website: hobbit_xmas
Fandom(s) Involved: Lord of the Rings RP
Specifics: Slash specific, character specific (Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd)
Minimum/Maximum Word Count: 500 words +
Additional Notes: Word count flexible...

Sign-Up Period: November 20-26
Posting Due-Date: December 28
Additional Sign-Up/Posting Notes: Fics posted anonymously and then authors revealed after a few days.